‘Lockdown fatigue’ sets in as weekly retail footfall rises, London the biggest draw

Regardless of the very limited options on offer retail-wise, consumers we’re still drawn to visiting high streets, shopping centres and retail parks last week in what appears to be the onset of “lockdown fatigue”, according to retail analysts at Springboard.Total footfall rose by 9% week-on-week between 17-23 January, a sharp contrast to the drop in the previous week of 10.9% and the average -22.6% fall over the preceding four weeks.

That meant the still-dismal annual result strengthened slightly to -65.3% across all retail destinations, from -67.5% in the week before.Footfall rose in all three destination types from the week before with high streets up 10.9% week-on-week, and shopping centres rising 9.2%. That was followed by a smaller increase of 4.5% in retail parks, a de…

Casey’s Launches 3 All-New Sandwiches

Casey’s Launches 3 All-New Sandwiches

The new sandwich line-up marks a milestone for the third largest convenience store chain, introducing three brand-new options: the Crispy Chicken, Spicy Crispy Chicken, and the Quarter Pound Angus Beef Burger. Not forgetting a fan favorite, the Breaded Pork Sandwich also receives an upgrade.

The sandwich lineup includes:

  • Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich made with a marinated and breaded fillet in a blend of red chili pepper and spices, served with crunchy dill pickle chips o…